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German Protein & Keratin Hair Repair Mask

German Protein & Keratin Hair Repair Mask

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GERMAN Protein and Keratin Hair Repair Mask restores and hydrates damaged, coloured, and dry hair. Hair is nourished and moisturised by protein- and argan-rich hair repair masks; collagen repairs and stops hair breakage; and keratin straightens hair. A hair restoration mask with jojoba oil as an ingredient prevents frizzy hair, balances excessive oil, and stops pathogens from growing in the hair follicles. It restores nutrients to the hair while defending the cuticle, enhancing overall hair health.
Let's Use Our Argan Oil and Keratin-Rich Hair Repair Mask to Achieve Glossy, Healthy, and Thick Hair!!

How to use

Wash your hair well with shampoo and pat it dry with a towel until it is 80% dry.
Apply an appropriate amount of hair mask evenly to the hair, massage the hair with your fingertips for 3–8 minutes (for a stronger heating effect), then completely rinse with water and dry the hair.


# Aloe Vera
# Argan Oil
# Coconut Oil
# Keratin
# Vitamin

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